About Hanssy
About Hanssy

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Hanssy is your heavy-lift shipping partner providing tailor-made transport services for general, overweight and oversize cargo. Our mission is to create, develop and deliver?professional, trustworthy and efficient?services to our clients worldwide.

With our headquarter in Singapore?and every staff sharing the same goal - on-time and safe delivery of the valuable cargo, we,?Hanssy offers comprehensive and reliable shipping transportation services.?


Hanssy operates heavy-lift and engineering ships to meet every customer's needs. Hanssy has an extensive range of ship types and structure that allows?Hanssy to meet the most specific and stringent demands of all the worldwide ports.

Hanssy has a special supervision and management department consisting of senior captains and engineers who have extensive experiences in handling bulk merchandise and engineering cargo.


Our Mission:

Be Professional

Be Safe

Be Efficient

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